Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Recently, we have been playing with new ways of tying up, and I have found a way to secure his hands with handcuffs and his legs with rope that is pretty easy to do (I hate when it takes forever) but actually impossible for him to escape from and limits his movement a lot. I love smacking his balls and knowing he can't pull his legs together to stop me and all the other things I can do to him when he is in this vulnerable position.

Yesterday, I tied him up before going to buy some new sex toys. I left him with a femdom porno on on a laptop on his chest, headphones in and alone in the dark. I had to change the locking up position somewhat because I actually wanted him to be able to break free if there was a fire or something. So I tied the handcuffs to the bed with a one-time use breakable lock (I could tell if he would break it, though), and off I was. I bought some anal beads, some nipple decorations, a silly but fun board game and something called "the Prisoner." I came back, started a new porno about facesitting and ran to also buy some wine and chocolate for us :)

When I got back, I put the anal beads in him - they are so fun! They are relatively small though there are 5 of them, and they cute because they are pink and have a caterpillar face at the end (Fun Factory), but he seemed to really like them and was very close to coming as I put them in and out several times (is this how you are supposed to play with anal beads?).

I wanted to hop in the shower so I put another video on about three girls sleeping with a guy with strap ons on and left him while I showered with the door open. By the time I was back, he was very turned on - saying this was his favorite porno of the three when I slapped his balls and forced him to answer the question. I played some more with the beads which I had left in him and with his dick and brought him close to coming at least 10 times. We started watching a porno about cuckolding together but before long, I wanted him to get between my legs and pleasure me so I stopped the video and unlocked him. He wanted to touch himself, but I told him to focus just on my pussy. He made it feel very good, and I came very hard.

After a little cuddling (I always want to just be sweet together a little after I come), I was ready to tease him some more. I handcuffed him to the bed, this time with his bottom in the air/tummy down. I had given him a punishment of 50 strokes with the cane for touching when he wasn't allowed so I gave him those, about 50% of which I made very hard. I thought he could take even more, though, so we played around with the cane for about 20 more minutes - me giving him many hard strokes and many gentle ones as well, also sometimes just running the cane over his body. I would whip the cane in the air sometimes without hitting him just to scare him and show him how hard I could hit if I didn't go a little easy on him.

After this, I wanted to use our strap-on on him, and he agreed it was okay. We really need to get a bigger one, though, as this one is actually so small compared to others I had seen - it is maybe only 1/2 - 2/3 the size of his dick. But it was a good one to start playing around with, and is purple and very cute. I entered him and slept with him slowly at first, then very quickly. By the end, he was begging me to be allowed to come like that, but I told him of course no - he would have to stick to the plan. I got him close many times and each time when he got close enough that I needed to stop, he would have to say "Stop please."

After this, I wanted to sleep together - this is a big deal as I had managed to deny him sex for the last month. Usually I let him sleep with me during teasing but this time I wanted to be very strict. But I really wanted it again so I told him to lay on top of me and enter me. He did and tried very hard to pleasure me, but he had to go very slowly to keep from coming. At first, I just enjoyed the together feeling and feeling of closeness having him in me again. But eventually, I knew I was being too nice as he really could only go very very slowly. So - I told him a slave's place was not with this dick between his mistress's legs but with his face between them, and he reluctantly went down to kiss my pussy. He worked for a long time and made me come hard twice. He thanked me for letting him kiss me for so long but I wanted to reward him a little as well so I got on top of him and slipped his dick in me. We had very slow but very intimate sex, though no coming for him of course! When he was very close, he would often have to pull my body down close to him so that I could not move on his dick.

After enjoying this, we cuddled and he dozed into sleep. After watching a bit more online (porn site was still open from earlier, and I couldn't resist), I was turned on again so I actually woke him and made him pleasure me again - haha. Like a good little slave, he did as asked and spent some more time, a long time, between my legs - actually where he is right now so... that is enough for now :)

Teasing again

Hi again! Sorry I have not updated in so long and thanks to those of you who have started following - I was really happy to look at the page and see that so many people had been interested! Also, my boyfriend set up Google Analytics for me, and we saw that my blog had more than 20,000 site views since I started it in early 2009! Amazing to think of so many people reading about our adventures in bed! Anyway - thanks for your support!

So, I was not successful in sticking to a year with just 52 comings...ultimately, I just wasn't strict enough :( Also, my boyfriend got busy with work, and I just wasn't consequent enough to make it completely fun for us! Domination is a sexual game we have a lot of fun with and roles we take relatively seriously when we are in them, but it is not the only dynamic to our relationship, and we both enjoy having it be somewhat on-and-off.

But - I decided to post again now because I have been teasing my boyfriend for the last month without any comings! We have gotten so into teasing again and are planning on keeping it going for a while now so hopefully there will be some interesting updates and also maybe some areas I need your advice about!

Don't even know where to start catching up! So much has changed in the last year and a half - my boyfriend and I are both at new jobs, living in a new city (in Western Europe but I don't want to be more specific), etc., etc. But I guess you all might be most interested in my experience teasing him over the last month!

The last time he came was July 8. After he was kept busy with something else for about a week and was in a situation that made it difficult for him to come, he started to be turned on by the lack of coming and suggested that we try some teasing again - we had always played with it on and off over the last year and a half but not for a very extended time period (max: 2-3 weeks). I was very excited by the idea as well so we decided we would first get to come again on August 8 (his birthday!- a nice but actually random coincidence). In the month, we were actually both very busy and traveling a lot so we hardly saw each other, but when we did, I would bring him close to coming a lot or make him bring himself close to coming and then make him pleasure me for very long periods of time, making my pussy come hard on his face 2-3 times, sometimes while I slapped him around or talked dirty to me about how I wished his dick was not too teased to pleasure me or how I might have to find one that could! Also, we had some time for play on the web cam, and I did lots of strip teases for him and even made myself come with a vibrator once on the web cam. Finally, I would give him instructions some nights while he was away - making him get close a certain number of times before going to bed. He was very turned on during the month but relatively obedient ... except...

Unfortunately, during the month he was supposed to be being teased, he had a wet dream one night while I was sleeping beside him and came in his sleep -- bummer...This was about 1 week ago. Therefore, I decided to extend his teasing time to a little over 1,5 months so he will get to come for the first time next weekend (~Aug. 21). He was not too happy about this extension, but knew he had to accept it! (Do you all think it is fair to punish him for this? It wasn't really his fault, but he said he did enjoy it at least half as much as a normal orgasm)

Our plan is that after he comes next weekend, he will go 1-2 weeks between each coming depending on behavior/my wishes. As I typically travel for work Mon-Thurs., he will be free from his device these days but not allowed to come (he is honest about this). Then, starting Thurs. night, he will be locked up until Sunday. Then he will get to come out and play with me a little on Sunday and maybe get to come. We may play with him being locked up during the week sometimes as well, but this is a bit complicated to control because it is uncomfortable for him to stay in for the whole 4 days / he likes to go to the fitness studio during the week.

So -- does the plan sound like fun? Any ideas for us?

I will write my next blog about our last 3 days - finally time without work that we have been free to just hang out in our apartment and sex it up. We have had a great 3 days and lots of very hot experiences - it is very pleasurable for me to be teasing him again, and we also have some fun new toys!

He has been kissing my feet while I was writing so I might take a break and let him kiss somewhere else before I describe the last days :)

Please comment! I want to know if anyone is still reading!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

so much to catch up on!!!

Thanks for all your comments! They are so fun to receive!

I don't even know where to start. My boyfriend and I had a wonderful trip and have been having such fun!

Actually, first I just want to mention this great website I found that donates food or free mammograms or medical supplies to the needy each time a person goes there and clicks (with no charge at all)! Also, they have very inspirational quotes. Please check it out (you can click everyday like me :): . Another one is where you can practice your vocabulary and give rice to children in the process. I once got 45 points but will never get there again!

So, my boyfriend and I actually spent the first day or two of our trip fighting, which was very sad. I had been so excited; we were visiting a European city I had never been to, and I just couldn't wait--both for our sightseeing and our nights in the hotel room! The morning we were arriving our flight was very delayed, so I felt like we had already missed a whole day of sightseeing. The next day, at about noon, after I had taken a shower and was already ready to leave, he told me he wanted to go the gym and work out. I wanted to see some of the city in the light, not wait 2 hours for him, and we ended up really fighting about it. Sometimes once we start fighting, even about something stupid like this, it just ends up being hard for either one of us to give in and be nice again. Also, I had just had something bad happen with my internship and with that plus the flight delay plus the delay the next day, I was just having a really hard time getting in a good mood.

Anyway, eventually we did make up :) and had some great make up sex, which my boyfriend mistakenly thought would end happily for him! Just because we are making up doesn't mean he gets to get off of his schedule, though, so I forced him to stop...

The next day we had a great tourist day, great food, good wine--wonderful day! We decided instead of going out that night, we would check out the sauna in our hotel. Or, I guess I should say, I decided. I laid him down on the bed, started to gently run my fingers over his thighs and his body and started taking his dick slowly and deeply in my mouth. When I could tell he had really gotten into this rare suprise of me pleasuring him like this without first abusing, humiliating or using him, I told him I was getting bored and he better quickly get ready to go to the sauna with me if he wanted any chance of getting to come on the weekend. (It was Wednesday, and I knew he was excited enough to immediately comply.)

So, we headed down to the sauna, well more accurately, steam rooms I guess. It was late enough that we turned out to be alone there, so we alternated between the jacuzzi, the cold showers and the steam room with me continuously whispering all the things I wanted to do to him when we got back to the room, as we sat naked in the steam room or bathing suited in the jacuzzi. In the steam room, his dick got hard just listening to me, and I knew he was humiliated sitting in the steam room naked, with a hard dick, knowing that someone could walk in at any minute!

We made it back up to our room, and I pretended I was too tired for any sex that night, but that instead I just preferred to get a massage and go to sleep. He disappointedly starting massaging me until I told him that I was just kidding and was actually quite awake and turned on, but that I didn't know how much pleasure he would be getting that night. His dick had already been lucky enough to receive several kisses from me.

I said I would like to start with some gentle kisses on my breasts, and I progressively got more and more turned on as he worshipped them. Eventually, I told him to proceed down to my pussy, where I like it the most. As he pleasured me, I taunted him the whole time. I told him what a hard job he had because if he didn't make me feel good enough, I would get angry, but if he made me feel too good while pleasuring me like that, I would lose interest in his dick. I slapped him face around everytime he did something that didn't feel just perfect. I told him how useless he was in general (especially with his dick only able to be in me for a few seconds before needing to come), but how he was at least able to pleasure me a little in this demeaning way. Eventually, I took his index finger and put it inside me. I told him his finger felt so big in me, probably because I was used to sleeping with his little dick and that his dick must be smaller than that big finger, because it never felt so good in me. I moaned with pleasure, telling him how good it felt and how little need I had for his dick. Between my vibrator, my dildo, his fingers in my pussy or my bottom and his tongue on my pussy, I could have way more pleasure than his dick could ever give me. And with the added advantage that I didn't have to worry about his getting too much pleasure and coming. I came so hard, so many times. I love when he kisses me until I am over the edge, then fingers me gently as I come, then kisses my pussy again about a minute later. It drives me wild!!

Anyway, afterwards, he was naturally dying to get inside me, but I told him my pussy had had enough for the night but that I would touch him just a little as a reward. He got on his knees and sat over me, so that I was laying on my back with him kneeling over me. I took him in my hand and started pleasuring his dick, stroking my breasts with the other hand and asking if he would like to explode all over them. Of course, with the caveat that he must lick it up. He said he wanted to very much. But of course, it wasn't the weekend yet! Also, I had given him a task that week of ordering a beer bottle at a bar, drinking half of it, taking the bottle with him to the restroom, "re-filling" it and coming back to join me and finish it. And he had yet to do that! So I merely taunted him.

However, I really wanted to tease him, so eventually I said I had changed my mind and did think he deserved to come. I raised my head from the bed, took him in my mouth and kissed him. But I told him that I didn't want his yucky come in my mouth but rather wanted to see it go all over my breasts, so when he was just two seconds away, he should push my head away and I would touch him until he came on my chest. Furthermore, he better come hard and a lot to impress me, I told him. Of course, I intended to stop!

Accidentally, however, I messed it up. I had gotten into it, and when he pushed my head back, I kept kissing for about two seconds and then stopped. However, this was enough to push him over the edge, so he did end up coming. Given when I had stopped, though, the feeling was mostly ruined. I felt kind of bad, as this was undeniably my fault, but I still made him lick up his mess and decided he would only get this one ruined coming for the week!

Two days later we were back home, and he was dying to come again. No chance, though I told him. However, there was something I had been wanting to experiment with and that was the golden shower I had chickened out of earlier in the month. As we were making out, me on top of him, turning us both on, I asked him if he might be willing to do me a bit of a favor. I told him I needed to pee but was too lazy to go all the way to the restroom. Could he just catch it for me? He looked a bit shocked but agreed and said he was excited. I pressed my pussy to his lips and put my head so I could kiss his dick.

It was much harder than expected! It took my body forever to build up the courage, but eventually I peed just a tiny bit down his throat. I could feel him swalling under me, and it turned me on. We stayed in that position, me kissing his dick (until he got too close and had to stop me) and him kissing my pussy. Eventually, I told him I had some more for him, Was he ready? I peed a bit more, but still just a little bit and felt him swallowing. (I am excited to try later with a lot--enought that it might really be hard for him to handle, but it is actually quite hard to do!)

It was such an intimate thing actually. I felt so close to him, and afterwards, we lay gently together cuddling and I felt so close and so in love with him. Eventually, he said he wanted to sleep with me, could he please? I touched him and put a condom on him (I had stupidly forgotten two birth control pills earlier that month, so we had to use condoms almost all of last month. We have both been teasted and are faithful, so usually we don't. I had forgotten how annoying it is to have to!). Anyway, I inteded to let him in me for just one or two thrusts and then teasingly pull away from him, but it felt SO GOOD. So, I kept going, slowly and gently riding him. It was feeling so good. Eventually, he got behind me and sped up a bit (although only for a few seconds at a time before getting too close). I came hard and then made him stop :)

Was such a fun and close evening. We cuddled tightly all night.

Before we went to sleep that night, I told him there was one condom left for the weekend and he would have to pick when he wanted to use it. Of course, (it was Friday), he said he wanted to use it right then and sleep with me again immediately. But that wasn't allowed. So, he would have to decide when we wanted to use his one time and just pleasure me at other times. Also, I told him to remember no coming this weekend after "his" mistake on Wednesay, but that he still might have to lick his pre-cum out of the condom (eww).

So, I have more stories from the weekend with lots of sex denial and some strap on use, and also a bit of a treat for my boyfriend. I'll try to find time to finish the update tomorrow. Writing these posts gets me so turned on; I wish my boyfriend was here right now!! I will have to wait for the night...And I got a picture FINALLY! Just have to find my camera cord and I should be able to post it tomm, too.

Finally, I wonder if any of you have any advice that you could post for me. I really like teasing my boyfriend and using him for pleasure and how much fun we have (I guess that is obvious from this blog.)! However, sometimes, we will have been fooling around for almost 2 hours, and I will have come multiple times and I will be ready to sleep or watch a movie or cuddle or take a shower, but as he has not come at all, he will just continuously keep wanting to be touched or kissed or sleep with me more or kiss me more. This is actually my least favorite part, because when he is still actively wanting it, we can't cuddle or do anything without him just wanting more sexy activites. Do you have any advice on how to put a definite stop on our fooling around, when I am fully pleasured and not wanting to be doing that anymore?

miss tease :)

PS Don't forget these help the world sites:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

accidental coming

Well, my boyfriend has been very bad. The very day after he last came, he was quite turned on again already. After I enjoyed his sleeping with me and making my body feel so so good (he entered me from behind and his big dick put me right on the edge between too much and intense intense pleasure; I love how he can do that, and I love how I can come several times while still denying him), Anyways, after sleeping together, I decided I wanted to sleep with him a bit, so I put on my strap on (I keep meaning to have him take a picture for the blog, but always get a little too into the moment and forget about this.) Well, I was entering with him, getting so into it. I continue to like this position more and more. I feel so in charge of him, literally pushing into him.

So, as I slept with him, I would build up to going quite quickly and then gently stroke his dick a bit, loving to feel how it stayed so so hard even without much stimulation. The one second it got soft, I made such fun of him...asking him how he ever intended to pleasure me with that soft little dick. I do not have much of a tolerance for him failing to maintain a hard dick that could fully satisfy me. So, I slapped his dick and balls around and threatened him into attention. He knows that is the way I like it.

Later, as I increased the speed with which I pushed my fat purple cock into him, he started to moan gently but with much pleasure, and I was afraid he might be coming. He was!! I suppose it was my fault for not being familiar enough with when he will come this way. But that didn't keep me from punishing him; he should have stopped me! I whipped him hard with my black hand-shaped whip and then finished the punishment with some strong canings (~10). On top of that, he had to lock up in his CB6000 for several days! This is especially painful, because his big dick actually caused the device to crack, and we had to do some make-shift repairs! He was not happy with himself for his mistake and the disappointment I felt in him, though did say he had enjoyed his pleasure...

As a result of him stealing such pleasure, he will have to wait until February to come. We are taking a trip over the next few days and staying at a nice hotel, so this will make it especially challenging for him considering how particularly turned on I get when staying away from home...but I like that he will be left wanting the entire trip. Also, he has NOT been very good about completing his weekly tasks, so before his next coming (preferably on our trip), he will have to complete 2 tasks, one he has already selected and one which has yet to be decided.

The first is that he must take his beer bottle with him to the restroom, drain his pee into it and return to the table or the dance floor with me and down it. I am so excited for this! So gross and so humiliating! All just so he can feel my pleasure, rather than my wrath. I hope we will have an opportunity on our trip.

Recently, I have felt so in love with my boyfriend. I had never been with someone as long as with him (3 years almost), and there are certainly certain ways in which a long-term relationship is hard. However, I feel more and more blessed to have such a wonderful man who is so intelligent, devoted, fun, hot, driven at work, talented in bed, generous and perpetually caring about me. I know how truly rare such a great guy is, and I could not possibly ask for more than I have in him. I can't wait for our trip together!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

second coming of the year

After teasing my boyfriend throughout the week, bringing him close to exploding numerous times but not letting him go all the way, I decided I would flip a coin to determine whether he would be allowed to come on Friday or on Sunday. He had been begging me ever since his orgasm on Monday, and had been giving my pussy and my body lots of attention, so I knew he wanted it very much.

As you know, he has to complete a task every week in order to earn his weekly orgasm. This week I decided he would have to take a golden shower from me if he wanted to come (something we have never done before, though I did once make him sip of his own pee, which he found very humiliating).

Anyway, Friday evening we started fooling around, and I did the coin flip. At first, he won, meaning he could have his orgasm on Friday, that day. However, after I got him very excited about coming, I decided he would actually have to win one more coin flip in order to come that night. Unfortunately, he lost :).

I told him therefore the night would have to be all about me, and that he better should get started by kissing my ass. He kissed it for a very long time, which turned me on quite a lot. Soon, I decided it might be more fun to get in a different position so I could really assert my dominance. I handcuffed him to the bed and started riding his face, pushing down on him with all my weight while directing his mouth exactly where I wanted it to go. Eventually, I moved his tongue from my bottom to my pussy and was getting even more turned on.

Usually, he does not deserve to enjoy the pleasure of getting inside my tight pussy, especially since he can handle so little time inside me without needing to come after I have denied him from orgasm for a couple of days. Instead, I mostly have him kiss my pussy, use a dildo or even fuck me with a strap-on. However, I was dying to feel his big dick inside me, so I figured I would grant him a little sex. I climbed on top of him and started to ride his dick, but he was getting close to orgasm so quickly that I could not get enough pleasure. After teasing him a few times (bringing him right to the edge and then pulling completely away from him, with his hands tied up so he could get no pleasure from himself), I uncuffed his hands and made him get on top of me so that he could better control his need to orgasm while giving me a little pleasure. I made him get deep in me and thrust just a small amount. This way it felt mostly good just for me while his poor dick got not enough friction to orgasm :). Also, with him on top, when he got too close, I could push his head down to my pussy and have him pleasure me that way. Eventually, I came several times with his rock-hard dick inside of me and was fully satisfied.

I decided even though he could not come then, we would start experimenting with me peeing in his mouth, to make sure I wouldn't be too nervous on Sunday. I spat in his face several times, but told him I had something much nastier coming for him. I moved my pussy to his mouth, had him lick me and then grabbed a glass. Moving my pussy just a bit off of his mouth I started peeing slowly into the glass while chiding him about how on Sunday I would pee much more and quickly into his mouth and if he couldn't handle it, he would be locked in his CB6000 chastity device for a month. After I finished, I made him lick me clean and then grabbed the glass and threatened to spill it all over him. I was close to pouring a sip into his open mouth when I told him that he would have to wait for later.

I touched him and kissed him, bringing him close to orgasm many times but stopping right when he was there, slapping his balls and dick around instead of granting him the final stroke that would make him come. I suddenly got the idea that it would be fun to ruin his orgasm for this week. He was anticipating Sunday so much, but I thought it would be hot to just touch him now and bring him over the edge but pull my hands away the second he started to come. I especially thought it would be fun because he did not anticipate me letting him come that night and ruining it. I did just this; the second he started to come I removed my hands from his dick to watch his cum ooze out without the pleasure experienced during a real orgasm. This of course counted as his coming of the week though :).

After he did "come," I rubbed the cum up from his stomach and made him lick my hands clean as I smeared it on his face. It dried such that he had cum all over his face. Especially ironic as he had not even really gotten to experience the coming (though he did feel some relief). I wish I could have just rubbed the cum of someone else onto his mouth. This would have really humiliated him.

Over the last few minutes, I had him put my strap-on on me and he is giving me head right now, as I type. So I've got to go. I think he will have a long wait until next weekend, as he is already getting hard just by seeing me naked or touching my breasts.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

perfect wake-up

Even though I let him come yesterday (after 9 days of waiting), my boyfriend is so teased again already!

He woke me up this morning by kissing my breasts, giving me an amazing back massage, kissing my bottom, worshiping my feet for very long and finally kissing my pussy until I came hard! I think he will have to wake me up like this all week if he wants to get to come this weekend!

Afterwards, I gave him head a little, he begged to come but instead I only climbed on top of his face and made him lick my bottom a little more :)

I am not sure what his task will be for this week, yet. I was considering making him get a nipple or dick piercing, but I am not sure if I would like this. Perhaps I will see if he can handle a golden shower! We have never tried this before, and I am kind of shy about things like this, so it might be a bit hard for me. However, I know it would be very hard for him, so that turns me on! Also, I love the idea that we could be watching a movie and if I needed a restroom break, I could just press my pussy to his lips! We'll see..

Monday, January 5, 2009

the first week's coming

So..let me tell you about today.

I got home from work and immediately started cuddling with him. We watched some funny videos and talked about our days. Soon I was touching him and kissing his dick, and he was begging to come. Even though it is Monday, I told him he might get to come (since yesterday's denial was unintentional, really just work). Soon I started bossing him around. I made him clean up some things in the room while naked and then made him do 20 push-ups, then 2 more, 2 more, 2 more, 1 more, 1 more totally naked. He was turning me on, and I could see his erection. I pulled him over to the bed and slapped his dick around because of how he had accidentally stepped on my shirt, on the floor, after his push-ups. I smacked his balls, too. And made fun of his only 3/4 hard dick, comparing it to the big ones I have seen in videos and asking how we could possible pleasure my pussy with that.

He soon showed me one way he could certainly pleasure me, with his tongue kissing my pussy so it felt so good. I was slapping his face every minute or so while he was going down on me, but eventually pulled his head up and spit on his face several times as I told him to make it feel better and that I didn't care if I would be too exhausted later for him to have any fun. I knew I might be worn out and just wanting him to massage my back or kiss my bottom, but I told him that didn't matter--this was about my pleasure!

He pleasured me very well, fingering my bottom while he kissed my pussy. I came hard, more than once.

After that, I made him admit he was a bad boy, a naughty boy, a gay boy (he's not), a pussy boy, a wimp and my bitch. I made him put my strap-on harness on me, with a medium sized cute purple dick. Here is where the real fun comes.

I laid on my back and made him suck my "dick." I was turned on by this strange but empowering sight. I made him lube up my "dick" and then lay on his stomach and prepare for me to enter him by sticking his bottom in the air. I gently rubbed his bottom, being a bit nicer. Then I entered him with my "dick" at a medium speed. I slipped slowly in and out of him at first, hearing him gently moan. It felt so different, I have only used the strap on about 5 times, and it is so different to get in positions like a man and move like a man. But I get into it.

Soon I was fucking him quickly, in and out, grabbing onto his hips and thrusting him back into me. Though I do need to work on my technique a bit, he seemed to enjoy it. At one point, I massaged his dick a little and it was obvious he was right on the edge of coming. I sped up even more, throwing my hands up a little and really thrusting into him. Soon he seemed to be coming just from this anal sensation, but I wasn't sure. I had never experienced this before. I thrust in him for 15 or so more seconds, and then we both collapsed on the bed.

I got out of him, and I took him tight in my arms. He was in such a tranquil place, holding onto to me. He had never come like that, he said, and said it lasted longer than the regular way and felt different than normal. This excited me, and I felt so close to him, as we lay there grabbing onto one another.

We cuddled a bit and then I showed him that I was starting a blog about teasing, dominating and denying him. Writing this entry got me so turned on that I made him kiss my pussy yet another time, for VERY LONG. It felt so good, even better than earlier. Afterwards, I gave him head and touched him. He wanted to come again already now, but after what I considered too much begging, I handcuffed him to the bed. I told him I was already generous.

I think it will be a fun year! I hope I can stick to my resolution.

I will keep you guys updated and post some pictures of me in my strap-on and him in his chastity device soon!