Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Recently, we have been playing with new ways of tying up, and I have found a way to secure his hands with handcuffs and his legs with rope that is pretty easy to do (I hate when it takes forever) but actually impossible for him to escape from and limits his movement a lot. I love smacking his balls and knowing he can't pull his legs together to stop me and all the other things I can do to him when he is in this vulnerable position.

Yesterday, I tied him up before going to buy some new sex toys. I left him with a femdom porno on on a laptop on his chest, headphones in and alone in the dark. I had to change the locking up position somewhat because I actually wanted him to be able to break free if there was a fire or something. So I tied the handcuffs to the bed with a one-time use breakable lock (I could tell if he would break it, though), and off I was. I bought some anal beads, some nipple decorations, a silly but fun board game and something called "the Prisoner." I came back, started a new porno about facesitting and ran to also buy some wine and chocolate for us :)

When I got back, I put the anal beads in him - they are so fun! They are relatively small though there are 5 of them, and they cute because they are pink and have a caterpillar face at the end (Fun Factory), but he seemed to really like them and was very close to coming as I put them in and out several times (is this how you are supposed to play with anal beads?).

I wanted to hop in the shower so I put another video on about three girls sleeping with a guy with strap ons on and left him while I showered with the door open. By the time I was back, he was very turned on - saying this was his favorite porno of the three when I slapped his balls and forced him to answer the question. I played some more with the beads which I had left in him and with his dick and brought him close to coming at least 10 times. We started watching a porno about cuckolding together but before long, I wanted him to get between my legs and pleasure me so I stopped the video and unlocked him. He wanted to touch himself, but I told him to focus just on my pussy. He made it feel very good, and I came very hard.

After a little cuddling (I always want to just be sweet together a little after I come), I was ready to tease him some more. I handcuffed him to the bed, this time with his bottom in the air/tummy down. I had given him a punishment of 50 strokes with the cane for touching when he wasn't allowed so I gave him those, about 50% of which I made very hard. I thought he could take even more, though, so we played around with the cane for about 20 more minutes - me giving him many hard strokes and many gentle ones as well, also sometimes just running the cane over his body. I would whip the cane in the air sometimes without hitting him just to scare him and show him how hard I could hit if I didn't go a little easy on him.

After this, I wanted to use our strap-on on him, and he agreed it was okay. We really need to get a bigger one, though, as this one is actually so small compared to others I had seen - it is maybe only 1/2 - 2/3 the size of his dick. But it was a good one to start playing around with, and is purple and very cute. I entered him and slept with him slowly at first, then very quickly. By the end, he was begging me to be allowed to come like that, but I told him of course no - he would have to stick to the plan. I got him close many times and each time when he got close enough that I needed to stop, he would have to say "Stop please."

After this, I wanted to sleep together - this is a big deal as I had managed to deny him sex for the last month. Usually I let him sleep with me during teasing but this time I wanted to be very strict. But I really wanted it again so I told him to lay on top of me and enter me. He did and tried very hard to pleasure me, but he had to go very slowly to keep from coming. At first, I just enjoyed the together feeling and feeling of closeness having him in me again. But eventually, I knew I was being too nice as he really could only go very very slowly. So - I told him a slave's place was not with this dick between his mistress's legs but with his face between them, and he reluctantly went down to kiss my pussy. He worked for a long time and made me come hard twice. He thanked me for letting him kiss me for so long but I wanted to reward him a little as well so I got on top of him and slipped his dick in me. We had very slow but very intimate sex, though no coming for him of course! When he was very close, he would often have to pull my body down close to him so that I could not move on his dick.

After enjoying this, we cuddled and he dozed into sleep. After watching a bit more online (porn site was still open from earlier, and I couldn't resist), I was turned on again so I actually woke him and made him pleasure me again - haha. Like a good little slave, he did as asked and spent some more time, a long time, between my legs - actually where he is right now so... that is enough for now :)


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  2. Hi
    interesting post, I love tying up hubby and teasing him but you've given me come extra ideas to try here.