Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Teasing again

Hi again! Sorry I have not updated in so long and thanks to those of you who have started following - I was really happy to look at the page and see that so many people had been interested! Also, my boyfriend set up Google Analytics for me, and we saw that my blog had more than 20,000 site views since I started it in early 2009! Amazing to think of so many people reading about our adventures in bed! Anyway - thanks for your support!

So, I was not successful in sticking to a year with just 52 comings...ultimately, I just wasn't strict enough :( Also, my boyfriend got busy with work, and I just wasn't consequent enough to make it completely fun for us! Domination is a sexual game we have a lot of fun with and roles we take relatively seriously when we are in them, but it is not the only dynamic to our relationship, and we both enjoy having it be somewhat on-and-off.

But - I decided to post again now because I have been teasing my boyfriend for the last month without any comings! We have gotten so into teasing again and are planning on keeping it going for a while now so hopefully there will be some interesting updates and also maybe some areas I need your advice about!

Don't even know where to start catching up! So much has changed in the last year and a half - my boyfriend and I are both at new jobs, living in a new city (in Western Europe but I don't want to be more specific), etc., etc. But I guess you all might be most interested in my experience teasing him over the last month!

The last time he came was July 8. After he was kept busy with something else for about a week and was in a situation that made it difficult for him to come, he started to be turned on by the lack of coming and suggested that we try some teasing again - we had always played with it on and off over the last year and a half but not for a very extended time period (max: 2-3 weeks). I was very excited by the idea as well so we decided we would first get to come again on August 8 (his birthday!- a nice but actually random coincidence). In the month, we were actually both very busy and traveling a lot so we hardly saw each other, but when we did, I would bring him close to coming a lot or make him bring himself close to coming and then make him pleasure me for very long periods of time, making my pussy come hard on his face 2-3 times, sometimes while I slapped him around or talked dirty to me about how I wished his dick was not too teased to pleasure me or how I might have to find one that could! Also, we had some time for play on the web cam, and I did lots of strip teases for him and even made myself come with a vibrator once on the web cam. Finally, I would give him instructions some nights while he was away - making him get close a certain number of times before going to bed. He was very turned on during the month but relatively obedient ... except...

Unfortunately, during the month he was supposed to be being teased, he had a wet dream one night while I was sleeping beside him and came in his sleep -- bummer...This was about 1 week ago. Therefore, I decided to extend his teasing time to a little over 1,5 months so he will get to come for the first time next weekend (~Aug. 21). He was not too happy about this extension, but knew he had to accept it! (Do you all think it is fair to punish him for this? It wasn't really his fault, but he said he did enjoy it at least half as much as a normal orgasm)

Our plan is that after he comes next weekend, he will go 1-2 weeks between each coming depending on behavior/my wishes. As I typically travel for work Mon-Thurs., he will be free from his device these days but not allowed to come (he is honest about this). Then, starting Thurs. night, he will be locked up until Sunday. Then he will get to come out and play with me a little on Sunday and maybe get to come. We may play with him being locked up during the week sometimes as well, but this is a bit complicated to control because it is uncomfortable for him to stay in for the whole 4 days / he likes to go to the fitness studio during the week.

So -- does the plan sound like fun? Any ideas for us?

I will write my next blog about our last 3 days - finally time without work that we have been free to just hang out in our apartment and sex it up. We have had a great 3 days and lots of very hot experiences - it is very pleasurable for me to be teasing him again, and we also have some fun new toys!

He has been kissing my feet while I was writing so I might take a break and let him kiss somewhere else before I describe the last days :)

Please comment! I want to know if anyone is still reading!