Tuesday, January 6, 2009

perfect wake-up

Even though I let him come yesterday (after 9 days of waiting), my boyfriend is so teased again already!

He woke me up this morning by kissing my breasts, giving me an amazing back massage, kissing my bottom, worshiping my feet for very long and finally kissing my pussy until I came hard! I think he will have to wake me up like this all week if he wants to get to come this weekend!

Afterwards, I gave him head a little, he begged to come but instead I only climbed on top of his face and made him lick my bottom a little more :)

I am not sure what his task will be for this week, yet. I was considering making him get a nipple or dick piercing, but I am not sure if I would like this. Perhaps I will see if he can handle a golden shower! We have never tried this before, and I am kind of shy about things like this, so it might be a bit hard for me. However, I know it would be very hard for him, so that turns me on! Also, I love the idea that we could be watching a movie and if I needed a restroom break, I could just press my pussy to his lips! We'll see..