Saturday, January 10, 2009

second coming of the year

After teasing my boyfriend throughout the week, bringing him close to exploding numerous times but not letting him go all the way, I decided I would flip a coin to determine whether he would be allowed to come on Friday or on Sunday. He had been begging me ever since his orgasm on Monday, and had been giving my pussy and my body lots of attention, so I knew he wanted it very much.

As you know, he has to complete a task every week in order to earn his weekly orgasm. This week I decided he would have to take a golden shower from me if he wanted to come (something we have never done before, though I did once make him sip of his own pee, which he found very humiliating).

Anyway, Friday evening we started fooling around, and I did the coin flip. At first, he won, meaning he could have his orgasm on Friday, that day. However, after I got him very excited about coming, I decided he would actually have to win one more coin flip in order to come that night. Unfortunately, he lost :).

I told him therefore the night would have to be all about me, and that he better should get started by kissing my ass. He kissed it for a very long time, which turned me on quite a lot. Soon, I decided it might be more fun to get in a different position so I could really assert my dominance. I handcuffed him to the bed and started riding his face, pushing down on him with all my weight while directing his mouth exactly where I wanted it to go. Eventually, I moved his tongue from my bottom to my pussy and was getting even more turned on.

Usually, he does not deserve to enjoy the pleasure of getting inside my tight pussy, especially since he can handle so little time inside me without needing to come after I have denied him from orgasm for a couple of days. Instead, I mostly have him kiss my pussy, use a dildo or even fuck me with a strap-on. However, I was dying to feel his big dick inside me, so I figured I would grant him a little sex. I climbed on top of him and started to ride his dick, but he was getting close to orgasm so quickly that I could not get enough pleasure. After teasing him a few times (bringing him right to the edge and then pulling completely away from him, with his hands tied up so he could get no pleasure from himself), I uncuffed his hands and made him get on top of me so that he could better control his need to orgasm while giving me a little pleasure. I made him get deep in me and thrust just a small amount. This way it felt mostly good just for me while his poor dick got not enough friction to orgasm :). Also, with him on top, when he got too close, I could push his head down to my pussy and have him pleasure me that way. Eventually, I came several times with his rock-hard dick inside of me and was fully satisfied.

I decided even though he could not come then, we would start experimenting with me peeing in his mouth, to make sure I wouldn't be too nervous on Sunday. I spat in his face several times, but told him I had something much nastier coming for him. I moved my pussy to his mouth, had him lick me and then grabbed a glass. Moving my pussy just a bit off of his mouth I started peeing slowly into the glass while chiding him about how on Sunday I would pee much more and quickly into his mouth and if he couldn't handle it, he would be locked in his CB6000 chastity device for a month. After I finished, I made him lick me clean and then grabbed the glass and threatened to spill it all over him. I was close to pouring a sip into his open mouth when I told him that he would have to wait for later.

I touched him and kissed him, bringing him close to orgasm many times but stopping right when he was there, slapping his balls and dick around instead of granting him the final stroke that would make him come. I suddenly got the idea that it would be fun to ruin his orgasm for this week. He was anticipating Sunday so much, but I thought it would be hot to just touch him now and bring him over the edge but pull my hands away the second he started to come. I especially thought it would be fun because he did not anticipate me letting him come that night and ruining it. I did just this; the second he started to come I removed my hands from his dick to watch his cum ooze out without the pleasure experienced during a real orgasm. This of course counted as his coming of the week though :).

After he did "come," I rubbed the cum up from his stomach and made him lick my hands clean as I smeared it on his face. It dried such that he had cum all over his face. Especially ironic as he had not even really gotten to experience the coming (though he did feel some relief). I wish I could have just rubbed the cum of someone else onto his mouth. This would have really humiliated him.

Over the last few minutes, I had him put my strap-on on me and he is giving me head right now, as I type. So I've got to go. I think he will have a long wait until next weekend, as he is already getting hard just by seeing me naked or touching my breasts.