Saturday, January 17, 2009

accidental coming

Well, my boyfriend has been very bad. The very day after he last came, he was quite turned on again already. After I enjoyed his sleeping with me and making my body feel so so good (he entered me from behind and his big dick put me right on the edge between too much and intense intense pleasure; I love how he can do that, and I love how I can come several times while still denying him), Anyways, after sleeping together, I decided I wanted to sleep with him a bit, so I put on my strap on (I keep meaning to have him take a picture for the blog, but always get a little too into the moment and forget about this.) Well, I was entering with him, getting so into it. I continue to like this position more and more. I feel so in charge of him, literally pushing into him.

So, as I slept with him, I would build up to going quite quickly and then gently stroke his dick a bit, loving to feel how it stayed so so hard even without much stimulation. The one second it got soft, I made such fun of him...asking him how he ever intended to pleasure me with that soft little dick. I do not have much of a tolerance for him failing to maintain a hard dick that could fully satisfy me. So, I slapped his dick and balls around and threatened him into attention. He knows that is the way I like it.

Later, as I increased the speed with which I pushed my fat purple cock into him, he started to moan gently but with much pleasure, and I was afraid he might be coming. He was!! I suppose it was my fault for not being familiar enough with when he will come this way. But that didn't keep me from punishing him; he should have stopped me! I whipped him hard with my black hand-shaped whip and then finished the punishment with some strong canings (~10). On top of that, he had to lock up in his CB6000 for several days! This is especially painful, because his big dick actually caused the device to crack, and we had to do some make-shift repairs! He was not happy with himself for his mistake and the disappointment I felt in him, though did say he had enjoyed his pleasure...

As a result of him stealing such pleasure, he will have to wait until February to come. We are taking a trip over the next few days and staying at a nice hotel, so this will make it especially challenging for him considering how particularly turned on I get when staying away from home...but I like that he will be left wanting the entire trip. Also, he has NOT been very good about completing his weekly tasks, so before his next coming (preferably on our trip), he will have to complete 2 tasks, one he has already selected and one which has yet to be decided.

The first is that he must take his beer bottle with him to the restroom, drain his pee into it and return to the table or the dance floor with me and down it. I am so excited for this! So gross and so humiliating! All just so he can feel my pleasure, rather than my wrath. I hope we will have an opportunity on our trip.

Recently, I have felt so in love with my boyfriend. I had never been with someone as long as with him (3 years almost), and there are certainly certain ways in which a long-term relationship is hard. However, I feel more and more blessed to have such a wonderful man who is so intelligent, devoted, fun, hot, driven at work, talented in bed, generous and perpetually caring about me. I know how truly rare such a great guy is, and I could not possibly ask for more than I have in him. I can't wait for our trip together!!


  1. Stealing such pleasure, indeed!! ~Bad~ boy...
    But it sounds like you're going to cure him of that. :-)
    And everytime you have him make you cum while on your trip, I hope you remind him how if he hadn't been so quick to pull the trigger last week, maybe right then was the time you would have given him permission to cum too...
    Enjoy your trip, Miss Tease...
    Sounds like a great time for you both... :-)

  2. I don't know what to say to all of that other than... wow.

    And maybe EEEP!

    And *sigh*

    Yah, that filled in the blanks for me. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

  3. Miss Tease,
    Thank you for another wonderful entry. Your boyfriend has been very bad indeed, maybe You should deduct one orgasm (from the max 52) every time he is coming without your authorization? It’s in no way Your fault if he can’t contain himself.
    May I ask what kind of glue You used to repair his CB? Mine is cracking also, but luckily we have a spare one.
    Please remember to make Your boyfriend take a photo for Your blog next time the strap-on is put to use. You could attach a note to the dildo as a reminder.

  4. Miss Tease

    You certainly know how to tease your man, I just wish all girls enjoyed teasing the way that you do. I'd love to see the photos of your purple strap on ready for action....!!!

  5. I admire your strictness, Miss Tease. My own domme is also admirably strict but I have had a luckier January then your boyfriend: I have had FOUR orgasms! She has me on a calendar-week quote, and since January spans five weeks I was on track for a fifth--but she decided against it at the last minute. Your boyfriend is a lucky man. There's nothing as attractive as woman who sets the pace!

  6. when is the next update coming

  7. Thanks for all your comments! I really appreciate them. Sorry for my delay in posting the last update.

    Also, ritemate, I think he just used normal SuperGlue. He fixed it one day when I wasn't there, but I saw some super glue laying out that he must have recently bought, so I think he used that. That seems kind of scary to me though, as I have always been very afraid of Super Glue!!