Monday, January 5, 2009

the first week's coming

So..let me tell you about today.

I got home from work and immediately started cuddling with him. We watched some funny videos and talked about our days. Soon I was touching him and kissing his dick, and he was begging to come. Even though it is Monday, I told him he might get to come (since yesterday's denial was unintentional, really just work). Soon I started bossing him around. I made him clean up some things in the room while naked and then made him do 20 push-ups, then 2 more, 2 more, 2 more, 1 more, 1 more totally naked. He was turning me on, and I could see his erection. I pulled him over to the bed and slapped his dick around because of how he had accidentally stepped on my shirt, on the floor, after his push-ups. I smacked his balls, too. And made fun of his only 3/4 hard dick, comparing it to the big ones I have seen in videos and asking how we could possible pleasure my pussy with that.

He soon showed me one way he could certainly pleasure me, with his tongue kissing my pussy so it felt so good. I was slapping his face every minute or so while he was going down on me, but eventually pulled his head up and spit on his face several times as I told him to make it feel better and that I didn't care if I would be too exhausted later for him to have any fun. I knew I might be worn out and just wanting him to massage my back or kiss my bottom, but I told him that didn't matter--this was about my pleasure!

He pleasured me very well, fingering my bottom while he kissed my pussy. I came hard, more than once.

After that, I made him admit he was a bad boy, a naughty boy, a gay boy (he's not), a pussy boy, a wimp and my bitch. I made him put my strap-on harness on me, with a medium sized cute purple dick. Here is where the real fun comes.

I laid on my back and made him suck my "dick." I was turned on by this strange but empowering sight. I made him lube up my "dick" and then lay on his stomach and prepare for me to enter him by sticking his bottom in the air. I gently rubbed his bottom, being a bit nicer. Then I entered him with my "dick" at a medium speed. I slipped slowly in and out of him at first, hearing him gently moan. It felt so different, I have only used the strap on about 5 times, and it is so different to get in positions like a man and move like a man. But I get into it.

Soon I was fucking him quickly, in and out, grabbing onto his hips and thrusting him back into me. Though I do need to work on my technique a bit, he seemed to enjoy it. At one point, I massaged his dick a little and it was obvious he was right on the edge of coming. I sped up even more, throwing my hands up a little and really thrusting into him. Soon he seemed to be coming just from this anal sensation, but I wasn't sure. I had never experienced this before. I thrust in him for 15 or so more seconds, and then we both collapsed on the bed.

I got out of him, and I took him tight in my arms. He was in such a tranquil place, holding onto to me. He had never come like that, he said, and said it lasted longer than the regular way and felt different than normal. This excited me, and I felt so close to him, as we lay there grabbing onto one another.

We cuddled a bit and then I showed him that I was starting a blog about teasing, dominating and denying him. Writing this entry got me so turned on that I made him kiss my pussy yet another time, for VERY LONG. It felt so good, even better than earlier. Afterwards, I gave him head and touched him. He wanted to come again already now, but after what I considered too much begging, I handcuffed him to the bed. I told him I was already generous.

I think it will be a fun year! I hope I can stick to my resolution.

I will keep you guys updated and post some pictures of me in my strap-on and him in his chastity device soon!